100% hemp panties

100% hemp panties

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Ladies briefs made of soft 100% hemp jersey. Stretch band made of natural rubber (plastic free!).


The 100% hemp briefs are made of soft hemp long fibers, untreated or with natural dyeing (organic / GOTS).


These natural briefs are a statement for your skin, a true second skin!


The identical "tension level" of the pure hemp fibers and the human skin cause a pure relaxation for the skin.


The natural "cooling effect" lets the briefs lie airy on the skin and has a cooling effect in summer or when sitting for a long time, because the moisture is transported quickly. The antibacterial properties of the pure hemp fibers make these hemp panties the perfect underwear and ideal for allergy sufferers.


The power plant hemp was grown without poisons, cleans air & soil and consumes small amounts of water.


Designed in Germany | Fair & sustainable Made in Romania.


Care instructions: Washing machine 30°-40°C | Hang up

  • Fabrics made from 100% hemp do not take on any odors and always remain hygienic, as the oxygen content of the hemp fibers is so high that no anaerobic bacteria can settle.


  • Pure hemp fabrics made from long fibers are ideal for underwear and clothing that comes into contact with the skin.


  • Hemp fabrics cool and protect the skin in summer (UV protection: 95%). The temperature-regulating properties of the fiber make hemp clothing ideal for all seasons.


  • The moisture is exchanged very quickly and leaves the hemp shirt always airy on the skin during sports.


  • The "fine electrical voltage level" of the hemp fiber corresponds to that of the human body surface and causes the skin to relax.