... is about clothing as a second skin. 


Our search for the best textile fiber led us to an old friend:



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Untreated (pure) 100% hemp fabrics from long fibers are a pleasure for the senses!

Hemp grows almost everywhere, cleans air and soil, uses a low amount of water and is grown without pesticides/herbicides because of its resistance.

Naturmode aus 100% Hanf von BEWUSST, 100

Due to the high oxygen content of the hemp fibers, no anaerobic bacteria can settle, so clothes made of 100% hemp remain hygienic and always smell neutral 


Ideal for underwear! 

Holistic Fashion


Matter is energy

Or as Heraclitus said:

everything flows



Skin & Shirt

are always in a relationship with each other.


Whether it is a healthy relationship depends on the quality of the clothing.

bewusst holistic fashion, hemp wear, han

Our guidelines for

holistic fashion:



Ecological cultivation of the raw material



Fair pay & working conditions throughout the entire production chain



Regional processing

(for us: Made in Europe)



Natural fiber clothing from power plants like: hemp, linen or nettle



Without chemical equipment



Energetic quality of clothing

Measurements have shown that the 

"fine electrical voltage level"

of the human skin is identical to that of 100% hemp fibers and thus provides for skin relaxation, in contrast to the electrostatics of e.g. synthetic fibers, which cause the body hair to stand up and stress the skin.


Moisture is exchanged very quickly with 100% hemp clothing

and is airy on the skin during yoga, sports and hiking.


100% clothing gives an energetic feeling and is suitable for meditation, breathing exercises, dancing and to get in touch with nature.

The hemp fiber is 8x stronger and 4x more durable than the cotton fiber.

100% hemp wear, BEWUSST wear, 1005 hanf
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Hemp fabrics cool and protect the skin in summer. Due to the temperature balancing qualities of the hemp fiber, 100% hemp clothing is ideal for all seasons.



It warms in winter & cools in summer.


 UV protection hemp: 95%

UV protection other fibers: 5-60%

The hemp fiber is 8x stronger and 4x more durable than the cotton fiber.

BEWUSST WEAR, 100% hemp wear, 100% hanf
BEWUSST hemp wear, 100% hemp wear, hanf.

From the universal hemp plant countless products can be produced: among others paper, packaging, building materials, cosmetic products, biodiesel, edible oils, medicine and textiles.


Hemp as a sustainable alternative to water-robbing cotton cultivation and the controversial mineral oil production!

In Europe, for fine and soft hemp materials, the long fibers are separated from the stems by water roasting. In Romania and other Eastern European countries, the hemp industry was active without interruption, which has given them a "know how" advantage today, in terms of particularly soft hemp materials.

Our hemp clothing is made from the original long fibres. These are won by a traditional procedure in Eastern Europe. It is NOT cottonized hemp as it is common in China. 


Ecological + Sustainable


Our 100% hemp clothing is untreated (without equipment) 

and free from harmful substances. It is produced directly in the cultivation country Romania.


The textile dyes for all dyed hemp fabrics are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) 

and made from plant resources.

Our 100% hemp clothing is designed by Tania Wachsmuth in Germany and produced in Romania, the country where the hemp plants are cultivated under fair conditions. 

BEWUSST hemp wear, 100% hemp wear, woman

The fashion designer Tania and the entrepreneur Johannes founded the

green fashion label

in 2015 with the mission:

clothing as a second skin


Therefore they dedicated themselves to the wonder plant hemp!

Since then they have been able to sell their fine hemp clothing in over 20 countries.


stands for the death of the caterpillar, so that the butterfly

can be born!


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